Your Personal HR Compliance Coach

For $850/annually

California Labor Law Compliance,  Cal-OSHA Compliance, Hiring, Terminations, Employee Handbook,  State & Federal Postings, + More

Listen to owner Dave Fischer discuss minimizing OSHA and Labor Law Fines and getting compliant, interview with Carm Capriotto

What is an HR Compliance Coach?

An HR Compliance Coach is a person that helps employers get in compliance and then stay there. As your Compliance Coach, we will provide you the following, but will also go beyond the following list of services.

Employee Handbook

Attorney written employee handbook. Your first line of defenese.

Compliance Strategies

Designed to fit your companies needs

Employer's hotline

Providing answers to the tough questions

Hire & Termination Packages

Updated Annually

State and Federal Postings

As your Compliance Coach, we go much farther than the list above. We will be there to help you figure out an easy way for you to comply. Not only do we know the laws, but we know how the laws are being enforced.

We have a professional network of attorneys that you can use should you need to. We will become a part of your business family that will be there when you need us to be.

Since 1997 that has been California Employer’s Services.

How a compliance coach can save you money


Reduced Fines

Scenario –

A business was fined $3,500, and we reduced the fine to $690.


Lowering fine classifications from serious to general

Scenario –

Cal-OSHA fined a business owner $8,500. We handled the appeal, lowering the fine classicatifation from serious to general, which in turn reduced the fine to $250.


Being In Compliance

Scenario –

An automotive repair shop had the dreaded knock on the door from Cal-OSHA. At the end of the inspection, the enforacment team informs our client that because they are complient, they just saved $50,000.

Our services can help

Business Owners


New to Compliance

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What our customers say about us

“We have been members of CES Today for years. Over the years we have had a couple of Cal-OSHA visits.  During those stressing moments we have found CES Today to be a reliable service.

It is nice to know that when we put in a call to CES Today we will be taken care of promptly.”

Baker Custom Cabinets


“CES Today has been helping us since 2000. We call them for all of our employee issues, and they have always been there for us.

We have found that the advice given has been solid.  No matter what we need when we call they are there.”

CKM Automotive Repair

Fresno, CA

“If Cal-OSHA comes to my business and I am in trouble, you will be there within 24-48 hours of that visit to help me get my ducks in a row, at no extra cost to me. That service I cannot get anywhere else, and that is why I am your client.”

Dara Bakhshandeh

C & D Automotive Repair

San Diego, CA


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