The new indoor heat prevention program requirements are now in effect is your business compliant?

While working in the field with Cal-OSHA Enforcement Teams the goal has been made very clear.  The goal is to have every employer with one or more employees get a consultant to help employers with new laws such as the Indoor Heat Illness Prevention Program.

The California Chamber of Commerce has caught on to this as well.  Employers are joining together for the sake of having this law more clearly spelled out so that employers can more readily comply.

Indoor Heat Illness Prevention Program

Is based on the outdoor program.  Once the temperatures reach 80 degrees the first step of employee protections kicks in which is the provision of shade and water.  As temperatures rise more and more of the program is implemented.

The very basics of the program are as follows.

  • The provision of shade
  • The provision of training concerning heat-related injuries and how to identify the onset of a heat related illness.
  • The proper use of cooldowns that relieve the employee entirely of all work-related duties.
  • Establishing a buddy system so that employees can be monitored at all times during extreme heat.
  • During a heat wave employers, should be monitoring the weather letting employees know in advance what the weather conditions are going to be.

Some of the differences between the outdoor Heat Illness Prevention Program and the new indoor heat illness prevention program is that Cal-OSHA can require the employers have a map of areas in the building where the heat may be extreme and then mark those areas s to that employee will know that they are heading into a danger zone.

This new law could also require that employers replace their ventilation systems with ones that are more efficient.  All of this could prove very costly to employers, especially small business.

The formulation of the coalition is not going to change or slow down the goal of Cal-OSHA.  The goal is to force employers to hire a consulting firm to help hold employers accountable so that they will comply.

This plan came to light for CES Today in 2014 when Cal-OSHA Changed the enforcement procedures in the field.

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