Santa Monica Raises Minimum Wage: Compliance is California continues to get more and more complex. 

Now many cities in California are choosing to establish their own minimum wage.  Some of these cities are also choosing to establish their own set of standards for the California Paid Sick Leave Law.

Santa Monica Raises Minimum Wage demonstrating their willingness to join other cities in the state of California that is establishing their own standard for minimum wage and other benefits. 

Santa Monica Raises Minimum Wage

The end result of this madness is that it will get harder and harder for employers to comply with all the California Labor Laws, and Cal-Osha Regulations.

A minimum wage increase has been approved by the City of Santa Monica phasing in smaller companies starting 2017 and starting July 1, 2016, for companies with 26 or more workers.

The authorized increases for employers with 26 or more workers are as follows:

July 1, 2020 — $15.00/hour

Companies with 25 or fewer workers will likely be phased in a year afterwards, beginning July 1, 2017, at $10.50/hour and reaching $15.00/hour by July 2021.

The ordinance carries another minimum wage rate for resort workers which begins at $13.25/hour on July 1, 2016, and increases to $15.37/hour on July 1, 2017.

The ordinance also includes special rules affecting distribution of “service charges”– such as automatic gratuity fees.

Despite the fact that the ordinance that was authorized is scheduled to take effect July 1, a working group was created to make some technical adjustments, but the end result will be that Santa Monica Raises Minimum Wage.

Companies in Santa Monica should pay careful attention to their new wage duties.

  • Paid Sick Leave Provisions

Significantly, the ordinance also visits paid sick leave (PSL) duties on companies.

  • Companies that either have a company division or another company with employees in a city with a local PSL ordinance should make sure they comply with the local law as well as the state. For the company’s protection, every employee benefit or provision, all companies will have to supply whichever is more generous (State or City or Federal) to the worker.

All employers should consult with legal counsel to come up with a strategy for complying with PSL laws in other localities. Remember that if you’re a national firm, PSL laws to you personally additionally may apply beyond California.