Not too long ago I was making a call on a potential client.  Well, the potential client became a client.  The employer was really excited until I showed him the New Hire Packet.  The client looked at me and said, “I used to purchase a home with less paperwork than this.”

I have found that most employers do not provide new hires with all the forms that are needed.  Not only that but many of the forms that are provided are not filled ours correctly.

The question becomes what are employers required to do when they hire a new employee? Next up is a brief list of what an employer should do when they hire a new employee.

  • Pass out the New Hire Packet
  • Every employer should also have aTermination Packet.  While this packet is not handed out at the time of hiring, it will be handed out at the time of termination.  Having, and using the Termination Packet can really save employers a lot of money and here is why.

TheTermination Packet that we provide all of our members includes a final pay worksheet.  When the employer fills this out and has the employee sign this worksheet, it becomes a contract, whereby both parties are agreeing that everything that has been owed to the employee has been paid.

Now let’s say that ninety days down the road the employee comes back with proof that he or she was shorted somehow.  The fact that both the employee and the employer have signed a contract means that in most cases there will be no penalty for the employer because both parties agreed in good faith that everything was good.

Now the employer will have to pay the difference but again it will most likely be without penalties.  So don’t hand out the termination packet but keep it handy.

  • Pass out the companies Codes of Safe Practice.  The Codes of Safe Practice are a part of your Safety Program.  To comply with Cal-OSHA Standards, every employee should receive a copy of them and sign an acknowledgment form.
  • Along with passing out the codes of safe practice, employers are also required to conduct an initial safety training topic.  This topic would give the employee a good overview of the safety requirements of the company.
  • All employers are required to cover several forms of training, ranging from California Labor Laws to Cal-OSHA Compliance, Hazard Communication Plans, Hazardous Materials, and proper waste management. Sexual Harassment, Hostile Work Environment, and Anti-Discrimination.
  • Also, make sure that you pass out your employee handbook and have the employee sign an acknowledgment receipt for that document.

Because most employers spread the above-mentioned training out over the course of the year, we encourage all employers to cover all this material with every newly hired employee.  This way no matter what time of year you hire the new employee all of the training will be done.

Remember in today’s world it is wise to be safe rather than sorry.  In today’s world, every employer needs a Cal-OSHA Consultant.  In truth, the laws are just too complex for employers to try to do it themselves.

CES Today makes compliance easy.  We have been helping employers since 1997.  So if you should have a question or two and would like to talk with a company that can help you to get and stay in compliances the easy way gives us a call, we would love to talk with you.

We have many clients who are very glad that they decided to pick up the phone and give us a call. Today those employers enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they are compliant with the Cal-OSHA Standards and California Labor Laws.